A+ for Anaplan

How do I use the extension?

First on all A+ for Anaplan is a Chrome extension, so you need to have Chrome installed on your machine. Then :

installation, setup

Does the extension have access to confidential or sensitive data?

The extension only changes the interface once it has been loaded in the browser. It has no access to the backend of Anaplan nor it keeps any of your sensitive data. Also, it will never require access to your Anaplan login nor to any personal information. security, privacy, data

Why is the syntax highlight not applied to the horizontal formula bar?

Syntax highlighting and indentation are really making sense when you can see and analyse the full formula. That is the main reason why it only applies to the vertical formula bar. syntax, limitations

How much do you charge for it?

A+ for Anaplan is free and will remain free in the future. price, pricing, licence


Autocompletion is quite a different approach from what Anaplan proposes natively (that is mainly formula creation by clicking on items or line items). Since we do not access any data on Anaplan servers, there are some known limitations :

  1. List items are not available (only list properties)
  2. Special characters may not be recognized
  3. Autocompletion works for initial inputs (rewriting part of a module names from the middle will not make the autocompletion run again).
autocompletion, limitations

I try to change the format toolbar but I get an error from Anaplan.

First, check that you correctly use the format authorized by Anaplan :

  • comma = COMMA
  • dot = FULL_STOP
  • space = SPACE
  • negative sign = MINUS_SIGN
  • brackets = PARENTHESES
  • blank zero format = BLANK
  • hyphen zero format = HYPHEN
Then, once you changed a parameter, turn the option off and on to apply changes. format toolbar, customization

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